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Inline Casino – Registering a new player-account in three easy steps

Pick the inline casino of your choice. Pay special attention to the following details:

  • license and certification of the casino and the games offered
  • are the games available in your preferred language
  • can you make a deposit with the payment option of your preference
  • how high is the Return To Player (RTP) on the games provided
One Selected the casino of your choice click on the REGISTER or SIGN UP button, make sure to:

  • fill in all personal details correctly (fake details can result in closure of account and void of winnings)
  • use an email account that is yours as you will receive a confirmation email
  • where available fill in your mobile number by doing do you get first access to great offers
  • go over the form once again and if all correct send it of by clicking SUBMIT
Check your inbox for the welcome mail click on it to confirm, let the fun begin!

  • start with a deposit, go to the cashier and select your preferred method
  • do not forget to chose a bonus offer. (If you do not wish to use the bonus please ask the support desk to remove it BEFORE you start your gameplay!)
  • choose the game you would like to play and start
  • Fingers crossed Lady Luck is on your side and you win a nice prize!

Inline Casinos or Online Casino, that’s the question!

Casino on the web were often referred to as online casinos or inline casinos. Nowadays the most common search query in Google and Bing is “Online Casino” when is looking to find casino’s on internet. What made the difference, as the actual definition should be inline?! There are several explanations that make sense as to the why inline changed in online:

  • In the beginning the terminology “surfing the web” was commonly used and as one surfs ‘on’ the waves or ocean and not ‘in’ it hence the most used phrase became online.
  • In Las Vegas however one can say that all casino’s are in line. If we look at a map of the Vegas Strip pretty much all casinos are built inline. One next to the other and so on.
  • Or is it the most simple (and probably most accurate) explanation?! Google determines their search ranking on queries. So most probably people searching for inline casinos became a minority and the query “online casinos” became the most popular. Looking at the current Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) the auto-correct for players typing in inline casino is online casino. So even if you were searching for inline casinos Google will show others results.

inline casinos search results

Casinos In line!

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Inline Casinos and their amazing live table games with professional dealers

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inline live roulette
inline casinos live roulette
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inline casinos live roulette
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In most European countries playing inline casinos is legal. The European Commission is clear about what casinos can and can’t do. It is estimated that over 7 million players gamble on a regular base. The European Union turns over 85 billion in gambling. This is generated for all games of chance so included are betting stakes at sportsbooks, lotteries and scratchcards.


Gambling in the USA and Canada has always been controversial… when we are talking online. There is no problem whatsoever visiting Vegas and spending all your cash. With hundreds of casino floors spread out over the two countries yet it is hard to play online. There are a lot of restrictions. Hence it is hard to find reliable a casino inline that accepts US players.


Asians are the ‘founders’ of gambling if one might believe the tales that go around. Whether this is true or not … we’ll never know. Nowadays there are many countries in Asia where gambling is illegal or controlled by the state. One famous exception of casinos is Macao. Although officially part of China the restriction on inline casino gambling in Macao is zero to non.


It was only in 2017 hat the gambling legislation in Australia changed. Before that year many of the casinos inline offered their game portfolio to the Australians down under. The current law on gambling is not completely clear to us but as it seems local casinos are able to offer online casino games to both Australians living in- and outside the continent.


Playing in casinos on the African continent is legal in a lot of countries. However playing online isn’t really picking up. Biggest blocker is the lack of online payment options. Most Africans are used to pay cash or limited amounts via their mobile. At this moment of time there are not a lot of internet casinos supporting the local African mobile payments.


Increasingly popular is the interest for gambling online in South America. Like on the African continent online payments are not common yet but nevertheless steadily acceptance is growing. Several governments like the onis in; Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and Mexico are aware of opportunities created by legalizing and controlling online gambling.

Progressive jackpots worth millions and thrilling video-slots playable at casinos inline

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How to win millions with progressive jackpot slots online. Basically it is very simple, take a thousand slots, connect them to each other and make sure from every coin inserted to deduct a fee for the jackpot. That’s it. Obviously the slots are not physically connected but virtually. A piece of nifty software makes sure that form every stakes played worldwide a small part is added to the progressive jackpot.

One can imagine that with thousands of player playing at the same time the jackpot can grow rapidly. Imagine 10.000 players playing at the same moment and all play a stake for the equivalent of one Euro or Dollar. If we take 1% of this the progressive jackpot grows at a rate of 100 €/$ per spin. Can you imagine how fast it goes when players start playing at 150 per spin?!

The progressive slots of different providers have set made it to the Guinness Book of World records over the past years:

  • Mega Moolah – €17,880,900 OR $20,066,800* OR £13,213,838 on a day in October 2015
  • Mega Fortune – €17,861,813 OR $22,974,400* OR £15,143,600 on a day in September 2015

*As you can see the difference of value between currency can have a huge effect on the final pay-out.


Isn’t it amazing, taking place ate a roulette table in one of your favourite inline casinos without leaving the house?! All possible on the web! A webcam on the casino side streams the dealer and game table in High Definition to your computer (or mobile or tablet). Lightning fast software assists the dealer with all the best that are placed and keeps track of your winnings and losses.

All that the dealer does is inserting the ball at the roulette table or dealing the cards at the Blackjack and Baccarat tables. The software takes part of all the stakes and results. It is great because this way the dealers are able to chat with the players at their table and give them tips or advice on bets. Especially for those who never played a game like roulette this comes in very handy. There are so many options to bet on at Roulette that a helpful hand from the live dealer is appreciated by most ‘newbies’.

Privacy is respected and protected

The good part of playing live casino games is the fact that it is a one-way camera system so there is no need  for you (the player) to activate your webcam. This way your privacy is secured and you can take a seat at the live casino tables anonymous. All other players and the dealer can see is your username and your stakes. The same goes for yourself of course.